Diarrhea is caused by severe stinging in the stomach, with diarrhea and blood

In the stomach in the intestine, it is called chills when it is often accompanied by malaria-chunk. Mardat, or pinching of the stomach, is the most common symptom of gums. Marda is called ‘Prahika’ in Ayurveda and Amybicdecentry in English. In Ayurveda there are four types of gums – gall bladder, gall bladder, three according to guilt and blood gland.

The disease has a mild swelling in the lower part of the intestine and often contains pus and blood drops along with a few feces. Often, only blood and blood are lost. The feces are few in number.

The disease may be heavy in the stomach at the initial stage, missed around the navel. At the time of this error, you may feel that something is missing from the inside. Like body aches, early diarrhea, raw blood and water, then only pus and then blood begins to flow. If the disease is neglected and not treated properly at an early stage, then the disease becomes chronic and causes frequent relapse even when cured.


– Stomach upset.
– Looks like the bowels are rolling inside.
– Have often wished to go to the toilet, but have very little feces.
– The feces have a strong glow.
– It seems like the whole stomach just doesn’t go away.
– Do not put anything in the stomach and it causes stomach ache again.

These are all symptoms of gout. Most people do not understand the difference between a cold and laxatives, so common is the fact that diarrhea has always occurred. However, laxatives and acne are two different problems. In laxatives, a thin layer of water resembles a thin. Diarrhea does not stop even after the stomach is completely emptied. Drink the same water or it will drain out within minutes.

When people are often found in the stream, people are looking for a solution to why they are closed, which is not fair at all. Muda needs a mild laxative. It is also a rayon that catches the immature. Herd is an excellent herb for cleaning the digestive tract and thus cleansing the digestive tract. The herd relaxes by grabbing the feces and pushing it downward. This reduces the pain, thus reducing the air. Intestinal swelling also gradually reduces due to ease of coagulation.

Long-term dieting and care must be taken when eating out. It is best to have roasted cumin in butter and yogurt. When the digestive system begins to break down, curd rice, mug water, thin slices of mung beans etc. can be taken. Closure of ghee, oil, paving, fermented goods, raindrops, papal-pickles etc.


– Mix two to three teaspoons of castor oil in castor oil in morning and night. Do not use it after four or five days in the feces.
– Vatskadi Qwath – Drink four to six tablespoons in the morning, afternoon and night. Abdominal cramps and feces tend to decline, so stop it.
– Drunk – Drink four to five tablespoons a day, in the morning, afternoon and night, three times a day, even after erasing.
– Bilwadi powder – Take about half a teaspoon in the morning, afternoon and night until the scalp is gone.
– Drink only boiled water and refrigerated
– Do not eat anything such as chili, fried, stale, dietary, onion, pickle, papaya.

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