If the leg cramps in the leg are painful to walk, try this common remedy.

It is common to have foot injuries. When the skin of the leg becomes rigid, it becomes irritated. It starts to become very difficult to walk and move around. Sometimes you even find it difficult to wear shoes. People use certain chemicals to get rid of foot corns. But it doesn’t matter. That problem escalates rather than decreases. You can get relief from foot corns by using some household items.


Mulethi is no less than an herb to treat cough. Make a paste by mixing well with one teaspoon of radish. Apply this paste on the cotton cloth before going to bed at night. Then get up in the morning and wash your feet with lukewarm water. Doing this remedy for a few days will relieve the problem.

White vinegar

Vinegar also relieves corns easily. Dip the cotton in the cotton and apply it on the slices. And let it stay for 3-4 hours by placing a tape duct date on it.


Papaya is considered to be very beneficial for the skin. The enzymes it contains help to expel the dead cells of the skin. Use a raw papaya to relieve the acne. Dip the cotton in raw papaya juice and apply it on a cotton swab. Keep it covered all night. Applying this will make the problem disappear within a few days.

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