‘News News’ Operation ‘Virus’: An epidemic spread across the state, know what your city is like now?

An operation ‘virus’ was carried out on the purity of drinking water. A total of 155 drinking water samples were taken from 33 districts across the state and lab testing was done. After this testing, there were shocking revelations. Of these 155 samples, about 85 per cent, ie 127 drinking water samples failed. While only 28 samples passed.

It is worth mentioning that even though the state government spends billions of rupees annually on drinking water, the people of the state are getting contaminated and contaminated water for drinking. Due to these contaminated and dirty water and poor rainfall, there is a waterborne-mosquito-borne epidemic throughout the state. Whose staggering statistics have come up against this.

The city recorded 107 cases of diarrhea due to water issues in just 7 days. While 40 cases of jaundice, 80 cases of typhoid were reported. The city also suffered a mosquito bite and in just 7 days, 10 cases of dengue, 7 of chikungunya and 10 cases of toxic malaria were reported.

Speaking of Surat, 11 cases of diarrhea and vomiting due to waterborne and mosquito borne epidemic were recorded. In addition, 10 cases of typhoid, 7 of jaundice, 309 of malaria, 108 of dengue and 5 cases of chikungunya have been reported.

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