Research / Eating at 10 Hours Reduces Risk of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases  

Keeping food intake for 10 hours will cause fat and weight loss
Eating less than 10 hours reduces weight, body mass index and fat by 3-4%

Health Desk: Food is the key to body health. The amount, type and timing of food has an effect on health. If taken at a distance of 10 hours a day, the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is reduced. This is contrary to a research published in the medical journal ‘Cell Metabolism’.

Research by the University of San Diego in the United States has proven that keeping food intake for 10 hours causes fat and weight loss. At the same time, blood sugar and blood pressure remain under control.

Sachidananda, a co-author involved in the research, says that eating at 10-hour intervals has many health benefits.

The 19 volunteers were included in the research. All these people were given a fixed time and proper diet along with some medications. Then the health of all the people was observed.

No calorie deficiency was observed in people who had intervals to eat for 10 hours or more. Weight loss, body mass index and fat were seen in all 3 to 4% of all people. Also, their blood sugar level and low blood pressure level were observed. All of these factors are responsible for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the research concluded that taking food within 10 hours reduces the risk of diseases including diabetes.

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