This disease may be on the vein, know the symptom-cause-cure

Suddenly there are pains in the lower back of our neck and shoulders. It is unbearable. If the pain lasts for a few days and the medicine does not provide relief, you may be prone to cervical spondylosis. So today we are going to tell you the symptoms, causes and cures of a serious illness like cervical spondylitis so that you can be careful.

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis

– Cervical spondylitis causes neck pain, as well as tightening of muscles. Sometimes this pain can go from the shoulder, head and back to the feet.
– Cervical spondylosis usually causes pain in the back of the head. This pain affects the upper part of the head. Then sometimes it extends to the lower part of the head.
– Cervical spondylosis is also sometimes seen as an uncommon symptom. As it starts to experience chest pain, which is considered to be cardiac pain.
– Cervical spondylitis sometimes causes unbearable pain in the neck, shoulders and arms without injury, with which the patient begins to experience weakness and genitalia.

Causes of cervical spondylosis
– By constantly bending the neck and head
– Sitting in one place for a long time
– By smoking
– From sleeping to sitting
– Talking shoulder to shoulder

Treatment of cervical spondylitis
– Save painkillers
– Should do Yoga and Exercise
– Reduction of vein pressure through neck surgery
– Use drugs to prevent neck muscles from tightening
– Use the cervical band to limit the movement of the neck

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