Tips / toes will tell how healthy you are, prevent disease  

This may be a sign of hypo-thyroidism. This is due to the low production of hormones from the thyroid gland. However, in Raynaud’s disease, fingers and toes become more sensitive to temperature, stress, smoking and drugs.

Health Desk: Experts believe that foot conditions can inform our health. So let us know how to know the initial state of the disease.

This may be due to diabetes. Paw tightness, loss of sensation in the surrounding area, and redness of reddish hives are symptoms of type-2 diabetes. Also, there are signs of damage to the blood vessels at the bottom of the skin tightening and tightening of the skin.
What to do? If you often feel thirsty and tired as well as lose weight with these paw symptoms, see your doctor right away.

Changes in the shape of the nails are due to lack of oxygen in the blood. But these symptoms also point to irregularities associated with the lungs, heart, or stomach. This type of skin disease can be psoriasis if there is a change in color.
What to do? Heart-related symptoms can be severe, so a doctor’s advice should be checked. If there is psoriasis then light therapy or medicines may be taken.

This happens when the heart can’t properly pump blood to the toes. It does not even grow hair in that part. In this case the paws appear white, red or brown. This can be a blood circulation or a vein related illness.
What to do? Apart from these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor if you have pain in walking or climbing stairs. You should take blood circulation and cholesterol balancing medications.

This can also be arthritis. The disease first affects the small joints of the hands and feet. Other forms of arthritis cause more pain in the morning. Also, the pain in the arthritis can persist for several hours.
What to do? Do not delay to see a doctor if there is swelling and joint pain in the joints. Pain relieving drugs are mainly given in the disease.

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